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Family Attorney Collin County TX

Family Attorney Collin County TX

When you need a seasoned family attorney Collin County TX residents trust, contact Scroggins Law Group. Our attorneys understand how stressful these types of legal matters can be and will use every available resource to obtain the best outcome possible for your family situation.


Each family attorney Collin County TX clients recommend from Scroggins Law Group has extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of family law. Our legal team keeps abreast of Texas family law statutes which are constantly changing and evolving. We work hard to stay on top of any legislative changes and pending changes that could affect the outcome of your case.


When you need a family attorney in Collin County TX, consider contacting Scroggins Law Group. Some of the legal issues we can assist you with include:




A compassionate family attorney Collin County TX from our firm will realize that no matter which spouse wants the divorce, the dissolving of the marriage can be an emotional process for all involved. Our attorneys will fight to make sure you receive your fair share of the marital estate when it comes to the division of assets, property division, retirement plans, spousal support, and other marital legal issues that need to be addressed.


Child Custody


Whether co-parents are married or not, when a couple splits up, it is in the best interest of all concerned to have a Texas family court judge issue a decision regarding the legal and physical custody of the child or children. Our attorneys can help negotiate a fair parenting plan that will ensure that the best interest of your child is considered.


Child Support


Whenever there is a child custody determination, there is usually also a legal determination of whether or not one parent will need to pay the other parent child support. Our firm can not only assist in preparing the original child support order, but can also help you with filing any child support modifications that may be needed due to a change in circumstances.




It is not uncommon for paternity issues to arise when a child is born, especially if the parents are unmarried at the time. Whether you are trying to establish paternity because the biological father refuses to acknowledge and support your child, or you are the biological father and are being blocked from your child’s life, our firm can help with establishing legal paternity.


Let a Skilled Family Attorney Collin County TX Clients Trust Help You


If you are dealing with a family law issue and would like to speak with a Collin County family attorney, contact Scroggins Law Group today. We are available to meet and discuss your situation and can help you decide which legal course of action is the best one for your family.


Call a dedicated family attorney Collin County TX provides at 469-626-5220 for a free case evaluation with a Scroggins Law Group attorney.

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