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Dealing With a Difficult Co-Parent

While it would be nice if all co-parents got along, that isn?t always the case. Some co-parents can be downright difficult to deal with. If your ex always starts arguments with you and is difficult to be around, you probably feel mentally drained at times. However, you can?t let this get you down. Here are some tips for dealing with a difficult co-parent:

Recognize That You Can’t Change Your Ex’s Ways

No matter how hard you try, you may never be able to change your ex?s behavior. You shouldn?t feel bad about that. You aren?t with this person anymore and don?t have to feel responsible about how he or she acts. Once you realize that you don?t have any control over this person?s actions, you will feel better. Concentrate on your own actions and choices.

Don’t Take What Your Ex Says To Heart

It is easy to feel hurt and angry when your ex makes nasty remarks. However, you must remember that he or she is likely projecting his or her own issues onto you. Therefore, you should not take what your ex says personally. If you allow your ex?s remarks to get in your head, you will just become more upset and won?t be able to concentrate on the [the] things that truly matter, like your children.

Don’t Reply to Messages When You’re Upset

If you are upset with something your ex said or did, you should wait at least 24 hours to reply to any text messages or emails. When you?re angry, you?re more likely to go off on your ex and say something you will regret later. Once you give yourself a chance to calm down, you can think more rationally and return your ex?s messages in a more civil manner.

Resist the Urge to Stoop to Your Ex’s Level

When your ex is insulting you, it?s tempting to insult him or her right back. However, you should be the bigger person and resist the urge to play these childish games. Instead, just state the facts and don?t try to reason with him or her. For example, if you don?t want your ex to takes your kids out of town one weekend, explain your reasoning and leave it at that.

Avoid Talking Poorly About Your Ex in Front of Your Kids

The last thing you want to do is badmouth your ex in front of your kids. No matter how irritated or angry you become, don?t insult your ex?s character while they are in the same room. This person is still their parent and you don?t want your kids thinking less of him or her.

Nobody said that co-parenting was going to be easy all the time. However, if you follow these tips, you can make things a little easier. If you need further advice on how to deal with a difficult co-parent, do not hesitate to talk to your family lawyer, like a family lawyer Baltimore, MD relies on, about the issue.

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