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Reasons for a Court Reporter

Although it’s common for untrained professionals to forget how relevant court reporters truly are, they are a valued component to the legal process for a number of reasons. There are a number of benefits to accessing the services of a court reporter. ?In fact, court reporters step beyond the courtroom and are an integral part to a number of services people benefit from. The reality being, many people do not even realize the role a court reporter or stenographer can play in their lives.

Obtaining the Services of a Court Reporter

You may have noticed a court reporter at one time or another, whether on a recent episode of a legal television show or in a recent courtroom situation. They may seem like an afterthought, typing away, observing and taking account of all the happenings in the courtroom. It?s so important to have a record of courtroom proceedings. There are a number of reasons you can benefit from the services of a court reporter:

  • Court reporters spend years training to be stenographers. This gives them the ability to complete transcripts that are produced accurately and in a timely fashion.
  • In the event that your case is appealed, the transcript from the original trial will be an important component to the process.
  • Court reporters will ensure that the record is as accurate as possible by stopping proceedings (if necessary) to ensure that people are using words rather than gestures and asking people to repeat themselves if necessary.
  • Can offer a transcript that is impartial and unbiased.

Although those not familiar with the court process can forget court reporters even exist, their presence is essential in ensuring that there is an accurate record of court proceedings.

Downfalls of Alternative Methods to Court Reporting

Although in more recent years courtrooms have made attempts to save on court reporting costs through advancements in technology, they can pose a number of problems. Voice recording systems are notorious for not working correctly by failing to pick up key words being said. Sometimes, if a person does not speak loudly enough, it can be challenging to hear them speaking. In addition, the transcript will still need to be created, which is often an expense that is not accounted for.

Court Reporters Beyond the Courtroom

What many do not realize is that court reporters and stenographers have played an integral role in the documentation of our world?s history for thousands of years. Freelance court reporters actually provide services that stem far beyond the courtroom. There are a number of uses for transcripts outside of legal proceedings:

  • Court reporters can provide transcripts for important business meetings such as business deals or shareholder meetings.
  • Court reporters or stenographers can also transcribe for television. Providing closed captioning for events that occur in real time. This is actually a service that is in high demand. Examples include: sporting events, political events or speeches, and news broadcasting.

Court reporting is far from obsolete. In fact, San Francisco court reporters can impact your legal case in a positive way. Speak with your lawyer today to ensure that you have a court reporter at your next deposition.

Thank you to our friends and contributors at Veritext Legal Solutions for their insight into court reporting and reasons for a court reporter.

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