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Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

Before we know it, our teenage sons and daughters start driving. After we take the pictures of them with jingling keys for social media, the reality sets in that they will be out there on Dallas area roads and highways without us there to protect them. There is more to think about than how to change a tire or raise your hood on the highway if you have engine trouble. Being prepared for unexpected emergencies is important and nothing to take lightly.

Give your teen driver hypothetical questions to answer and use to teach safety and best practices:

  • The temperature drops, and elevated roadways are icing over while they are driving;
  • Something falls off a truck on the Dallas North Tollway and the windshield has a big crack;
  • After driving to the State Fair of Texas with friends, you forget where you parked;
  • With a flat tire, you are stopped on Preston Road and strangers offer to help you;
  • A warning light comes on while you are driving in an express lane with nowhere to exit.

While you might get some funny answers from your son or daughter, some simple situations can lead to difficult decisions and not everyone in the world has the best interests of your child in mind.

Write down and keep essential information in the vehicle

Some basic questions asked of drivers with troubles on the road could range from the year, make and model of your vehicle, to the registration number and auto insurance company. If you do not have a reputable auto service, it is a good idea to obtain roadside protection. The AAA plans for emergency roadside service are very affordable when the alternative may be a stranger approaching your child.

Writing down who to call if parents are not available is also a good idea. Letting another friend, family member or neighbor know they may be on call is a good thing and shows your teen driver the importance of being prepared for any situation.

Emergency situations and being prepared for the unexpected

The best preparation cannot stop an emergency. Wrecks can happen for so many different reasons. In some situations, an inexperienced driver could react differently than a seasoned driver. Talk to your teen about what to do if they experience a drunk driver or someone otherwise not in control of their vehicle.

In extreme weather there can be damage from winds, rain and flash flooding. Knowing to turn around and not drown is a good lesson to teach kids by showing them YouTube videos showing how easily even a 4wd truck can be swept away.

For more tips for parents raising teenagers who are driving and presenting their parents with all kinds of challenging situations, please call Scroggins Law Group, PLLC in Dallas by dialing (214) 469-3100.

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