Reasons People Divorce, it May be a Combination

There are times people just know when to call it quits, when they are no longer willing to work on repairing a broken marriage. While it seems like there is always one last straw and catalyst that leads people to searching for a divorce lawyer, often there are a combination of factors and reasons people divorce.

In this divorce and family law podcast Mark L. Scroggins talks about the common reasons divorce clients offer when they file for divorce. Mark is Board-Certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and is the founding and managing attorney at Scroggins Law Group in Dallas.

Money Troubles Are Frequent Reasons People Divorce

Financial problems and disagreements lead to conflicts. Particularly when one spouse is a saver and the other is a spender, there is conflict about financial security that can lead people to wonder more about their spouse and their priorities. Financial conflict also comes from catastrophic illness, bankruptcies and instability in income.

Trust is easily broken when one spouse learns that the other is using secret credit cards, has investments of which the other is unaware or there is a secret gambling problem or other addiction that diverts money.

Controlling and Aggressive Behavior Leading People to Divorce

Issues involving the control of a spouse can be warning signs. Victims of family violence and domestic abuse often describe the aggressive spouse as being controlling and limiting their access to money, friends, family and free decision making. Even if the aggressor themselves is a past victim of the abuse and control in others, it is among reasons people divorce.

Identity Issues: The Mid-Life Crisis and Hidden Lifestyles

At some point, some people wake up one day and start questioning themselves and their life. What is the point of all this, they ask? The existential crisis that causes some to completely reinvent themselves can be too much for people around them. What happens when your spouse in a mid-life crisis decides they want very different things in life?

Some people hide things from their spouse including same-sex relationships and double lives with other people. Emotional affairs are also very troubling for some who cannot stay married to a spouse with identity issues.

Social Media, Text Messaging and Trust Issues

When social media was new, people from coast to coast had the opportunity to reconnect with people from their past, which can be dangerous. People can develop trust and jealousy issues with spouses who talk to former significant others on social media. While some say, ?It?s just Facebook,? others agree it is important to respect your spouse when talking to other people. The question to ask oneself is, ?Would I say that comment if my spouse were there with you??

Texting is also a challenge. Who is texting who, what they said, and how they said it can lead to problems. Understandably some partners raise an eyebrow at what seems like inappropriate communications. When trust is broken, one spouse might start looking at the other?s phone and that can add fuel to the fire and be another among the list of reasons people divorce.

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Cheating and Covering Up Affairs

Infidelity leads to divorce, but that is not always the case. Sometimes the cheating is a symptom of something else that a couple may be able to resolve. In other cases, it is the biggest trust and deal breaker. People say the emotional affair being just as damaging as a sexual affair. The emotional affair and placing another ahead of your spouse can cause divorce.

The cover up of a bad act is almost always worse than the bad act itself. People can make mistakes, feel remorse and seek forgiveness. When they lie and cover up the bad act, trust is broken. Spouses can usually tell when the other is lying to them and when caught red handed and they continue denying, a divorce may be forthcoming.

Addiction Issues and Co-Dependency Reasons People Divorce

Some people have an easier time with addiction than others. Addiction treated as a disease, with proper professional help, can help save a person and their marriage. They must admit they want and need help and unfortunately some people don?t get there, and their spouse can no longer take it.

Co-dependency issues in toxic relationships lead to divorce. If both spouses have abuse and addiction issues, the co-dependency that keeps them together might also drive them apart, especially as the consequences of substance abuse take their toll on the family and are among the reasons people divorce.

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The team of trial attorneys and paralegals at Scroggins Law Group are led by Mark L. Scroggins who is Board-Certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Mark and his team are aggressive in preparing and executing divorce strategies that are unique to every client. Call Scroggins Law Group at (214) 469-3100 for assistance with divorce and child custody matters in Dallas County, Denton County and in Collin County, Texas.

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