When Does Child Support End?

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If you are a parent and are receiving child support, it’s important to understand when the other parent is no longer legally obligated to pay that support. The following information is an overview of child support terms, but this varies by state. There are additional factors that can come into play such as separation agreements which can influence when child support payments will end. Ultimately, it may be in your best interest to contact the child support lawyers from Scroggins Law Group for legal guidance. At the onset, we offer a free consultation during which you can learn more about our legal services and how they may be of assistance to you.

When Your Child Reaches the Age of Majority

Child support usually ends when the child reaches what is referred to as “the age of majority,” and this is true in all U.S. states. However, what differs from state to state is at what age they consider someone has reached majority. The phrase itself refers to each state’s determination of the age when someone is no longer a minor. When a person reaches adulthood they have the opportunity and obligation to make legal decisions on their own from then on. A child support lawyer from Scroggins Law Group can tell you at what age Texas determines the age of majority, whether it’s 18 or 21. In some states, child support will end when the child graduates from high school, or reaches the age of majority, whichever comes first.

Emancipated Minors

When a minor becomes self-supporting and frees themselves from the control of their parents or legal guardians, and in turn the parents or guardians are no longer responsible for the minor, the child is emancipated. When a child is emancipated, the parents are not legally required to support them, and this includes child support.

Exceptions for College Costs

Child support lawyers can work with you to determine if exceptions exist in Plano TX laws when it comes to paying for college costs. Some courts allow child support to continue in order to pay for the child’s college education. Keep in mind that even if Texas does not, the costs can be included in a child support agreement with which a legal team can help you.

Special Needs

If a child is disabled or has special needs, the primary caregiver can petition the court to extend child support beyond the age of majority if it is in the child’s best interests. Talk to the child support lawyers from our firm in Plano TX to learn more.

We Offer Legal Guidance for Child Support Issues

At Scroggins Law Group, our child support lawyers have years of experience handling complex child support and family law issues. If you have questions or concerns, or are seeking a modification of an existing child support agreement, call our office today. We offer a free consultation with one of our child support lawyers Plano TX parents know they can trust.

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