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Planning Summer Vacations with Children

Planning Summer Vacations with Children

Planning summer vacations with children does not have to be difficult when there is a child custody order. Kids only have one chance to create lifetime memories with their parents and summer trips are excellent opportunities for bonding with parents, children and their siblings.

Any smart Dallas divorce lawyer will tell you that advanced planning and communicating with the other parent is always a good idea. As Mark Scroggins often reminds us that how you initially deliver information can set the tone to work together instead of engaging in conflict.

Vacations in Texas or trips out of state

Are you taking a trip here in Texas or planning to go out of state? Scroggins Law Group offers a library of content and information about vacations and related child custody issues. Note that while we all generally use the word custody, the correct legal terminology in Texas is conservatorship.

In a Texas divorce with children there will be a possession schedule and any agreements and orders regarding possession and access, otherwise known as visitation. While parents can agree to deviate from the standard plan, there may be details in the agreement requiring former spouses to follow a certain plan and procedure for vacations and trips with the children.

Especially if you plan to travel out of Texas for a summer vacation, you should review the details with your divorce lawyer to make sure everything is in order and to prevent surprises.

Agreements, Timing and Communication

An agreement, timing and communication with the other parent can make summer vacations with your child less stressful. Especially if you plan to leave Texas, the other parent may need to know the itinerary, emergency contact information and what happens if for some reason health care may be needed on the trip.

Please do not spring vacation plans on people at the last minute or however you believe the other parent may become upset. A little bit of courtesy goes a long way.

Dallas divorce lawyer Mark Scroggins can help you summer vacation plans with the children.

Mark Scroggins is board certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and in 25 years of practice, he has seen just about every way good intentions can lead to disagreement and conflict. When you do not want to see a sad child, stressed out over whether their parents are fighting over a summer trip, get some smart advice and counsel. Especially as kids grow older and the original parenting plan might need an update, you can be the one to make things better for all.

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