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Signs That It’s Time to Hire an Attorney For Your Child Custody Battle

Going into a child custody battle without legal representation can be tricky. If things aren’t on cordial terms with your ex, then arguments are bound to arise. Not having a legal professional on your side during such a sensitive and complex dispute, may result in you getting a less-than-favorable outcome. If you aren’t sure whether you need an attorney regarding child custody, many reputable law firms offer consultations to find out more.

Your Ex Will Probably Get an Attorney

If you already have an idea that your ex has obtained an attorney, then it is in your best interest to do the same. Attorneys understand the laws, and can be strategic in fighting for the verdict that their client is looking for. You do not want to show up to your court hearing or mediation sessions not feeling as prepared as you could be, because you didn’t get counsel from a skilled attorney.


The Process is More Complicated Than You Think

Whatever you imagine the process of fighting for child custody to be like, picture that multiplied times ten. Rarely are child custody battles easy and quick. Perhaps you start off with what feels like a simple case of child custody, but then it rapidly blooms into a much bigger dispute. Maybe your ex decides to fight for sole custody instead of shared, or makes accusations that you are an unfit parent. You will surely want an attorney to help defend you in these instances.?

Your Ex Is a Danger To Yourself and Children

Unfortunately, some people have a violent nature or drug dependencies that make them a danger to themselves, their partners, and children. It is crucial that parents who are concerned about their safety get law enforcement involved, as well as get assistance from an attorney. Your attorney can talk with you about your options for safety, such as filing a temporary custody order and restraining order. Such a situation necessitates experienced legal representation.

Your Ex Is Coming Between You and Your Children

When two people separate and had children together, this can pose a real issue for the child’s dynamic with each parent. One parent may deny visits, cancel plans at the last minute, and refuse to take phone calls from the other, as a way to come between you and your children. Without an attorney to intervene, things may only get worse, especially if your ex has resentments and anger towards you.?

You Have to Take Parenting Classes

If the court has decided that you must take parenting classes, attend therapy, or enroll in an anger management program, then you are probably at a disadvantage. Your attorney can talk with you about how to change the perspective the court may have on you currently, to increase your chances of getting the child custody verdict you want in the end. There is no shame in bettering yourself by attending these classes. It can just help your case to have a family law attorney in Plano, TX from Scroggins Law Group work with you on how to present yourself in the most positive light for future hearings and discussions.

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