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A family lawyer Frisco, TX trusts can advise and represent you and your family on a variety of common elements of the life experiences surrounding falling in love and getting married, raising a family, and how to proceed with the termination of marriage when all attempts at reconciling conflict and impasses have been exhausted. In recent years Frisco, Texas has grown from a rural area dotted with cattle and feeders, to a booming North Texas city where people are moving from all over the country and further. As such, many families approaching divorce moved to Texas from other states and have a variety of understandings about what happens in a divorce or family law case in Texas, where our laws are very different from several other states.

Mark L. Scroggins has offices in Dallas and Collin Counties and knows all the North Texas courts well and can advise and represent your best interests. He is board-certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Prenuptial agreements to secure wealth in the event the marriage terminates
Your family lawyer in Frisco, TX can help you protect your investments in yourself and your children when you are getting married and it is not your first marriage. As many first marriages last a considerably long time, you may be settling our receiving significant money that represents your lifetime to date in working and building safety and security for you and your children. Why risk protecting your children by exposing your wealth to loss in the event a subsequent marriage ends?

Premarital agreements can contain directive language that controls what happens to money, assets and interests in caring for children and others if a marriage terminates by death or divorce. You need not be a wealthy oil baron to benefit from a pre-marital agreement. Protecting an inheritance might seem less important when you are young and looking forward to getting married, buying a house and starting a family. That said, that inheritance money could be your lifesaving nest egg should anything go wrong in a life without guarantees.

Divorcing with dignity and settling sensitive matters
Especially among prominent families in the Frisco area, it can be socially tragic to get a divorce. Not only might you be dividing property, assets and parenting time, you might also be dividing friends and changing where you shop, dine and socialize. As an astute Frisco, TX family lawyer, Mark L. Scroggins reminds people that while they may want to litigate every issue in court, they will be making an open and public record for the world to see, read and share with others. Avoiding the gossip is easier when you settle sensitive matters out of court.

For example, a parent and high-profile professional may be in a divorce and a highly contested custody battle and evidence of an embarrassing event comes to light. Is this something that should be discussed in open court or be written about in court pleadings that may be available to public eyes? Settling certain matters discretely can be a better option for people concerned with their reputation and standing in the Frisco area community.

Custody cases and high conflict
Mark L. Scroggins? board-certification is an asset in high conflict child custody cases in Frisco. High stakes family law cases require a smart, experienced and sophisticated family lawyer who can reasonably anticipate what judges will do, how opposing attorneys will react and what experts may be better suited for a specific set of facts and circumstances involved in a child custody case.

Texas uses the term ?conservator? for custody issues. Both parents are presumed to be proper as managing conservators and the question is whether one will be a sole managing conservator and the other a joint managing conservator with the ability to make certain decisions regarding the child. One of the most contested high conflict issues is which parent will have the right to determine the residence of the child.

Complex financial and support matters
The sophisticated family lawyer in Frisco, TX knows how to negotiate to achieve the results you need to continue along in the manner to which you are accustomed, or as close to it as reasonably possible. Especially in high-net worth divorces in Frisco where marital estates may exceed one million dollars in liquid assets, a custody or support case can be more challenging when the statutory guidelines may not apply.

Modification of custody or support
When life changes, so may your needs to modify your agreements and orders regarding custody or support. In many cases, a modification case is relatively straight forward and can be handled relatively expeditiously. So long as your former spouse and you can agree to work on negotiating a modification out of court, you can save resources for the future and for the best needs of children.

Board-certification matters when your case matters
Mark L. Scroggins is a board-certified family lawyer Frisco, TX relies on who can advise and represent you at any stage of life, marriage and child rearing. Whether you need a pre-marital agreement, a divorce or custody and visitation modification because you are moving for a great new job, call Scroggins Law Group in Dallas by dialing (214) 469-3100.

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