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Frisco Texas Family Law AttorneyThere is no magical potion or ritual dance that will cure what ails you and fixes all when you are going through the mentally and physically draining process of divorce. Surely, you have heard or know of instances where one spouse loses it and has a “nervous breakdown”. There are also examples of how the stress involved with divorce has caused perfectly healthy people to become physically ill.

Divorce is a life-changing event that can create anger, grief, mourning, resentment, embarrassment, and loss of self-confidence.  Dissolution of marriage can have the same emotional toll as a death in the family. There is grief, loss, and uncertainty. The relationships involved will forever be changed.

The decision to divorce, even in the most amicable cases, is life-altering.  There might be attacks on your character, questions regarding your lifestyle, and it is probable you will have to answer invasive questions addressing your specific parenting skills and practices. We understand how frustrating and demoralizing these situations can be.  If you are in the North Texas area, or are in search of a Frisco Texas family law attorney, call Scroggins Law Group today.

There are tangible actions you can take before, during and after your divorce, that can help you stay focused, maintain your sanity, and remain as physically healthy as possible throughout the process.  These things may seem like “no-brainers” but people often forget when they are in crisis about taking care of themselves.  You have undoubtedly been given advice by friends and family on everything from their “experience” with divorce.  Truth is, not one divorce or family law case is exactly like the other. So, what worked for them or what circumstances they dealt with, will probably not help in your unique situation.   You have to take care of you. When you get run down emotionally, and/or spent physically, poor decisions can often follow.

What can you do?

The changes brought on by separation and divorce can be overwhelming. If you are having difficulties you should see your doctor or therapist immediately.  However, some small things you can take to help yourself during this stressful time would be to exercise, eat right and get plenty of rest.  It’s important to take care of yourself. Tap into your support network. Turning to family and friends for assistance and comfort, as well as formal divorce or single parent support groups can help you cope with the many emotions of a marriage ending.  Leave the rest to Mark L. Scroggins and the team at Scroggins Law Group, PLLC.  A Board-Certified specialist in family law, Mark L. Scroggins is a Frisco Texas family law attorney that has been practicing in North Texas courts for over 25 years.

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