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Agreeing on Child Support

After a couple agrees that they are no longer working out and should pursue a divorce, they must go through a custody agreement if they have a child together. This does not have to be a difficult process as many families can decide this outside of a courtroom and put it in writing before they sign their divorce papers. Many couples take the high road and decide to put aside their own differences so that their children can transition through the divorce with the least amount of stress possible. It is their goal to make the custody agreement and child support easy for all parties involved. When a couple does not come to an agreement regarding custody or child support, they should go to an experienced legal professional such as the Divorce Attorney Scottsdale AZ locals have been trusting for years to avoid any more stress on the child.

How is Child Support Calculated?

Each state has different laws that it uses to make its own calculations for child support. Normally, a court will consider both parents? particular circumstances, jobs, and incomes before making a legally binding decision. One way states calculate payments is income shares. This means that both parents will share the finances of caring for their child. The court determines the child?s cost of living by taking into account their extracurriculars, tuition, and so on. This amount is then split based on the parent’s? total incomes. For instance, if one parent has a monthly income of $4,000 and the other an income of $6,500, their monthly income is $10,500. The parent who makes $6,500 will be required to pay 65 percent of what it would take to support the child. Although this is the most popular way of determining child support, in some cases only one parent has custody of the child. In this event that this occurs, the parent without custody is the only one who pays child support.

Contacting a Divorce Attorney?

Whether or not you come to an agreement with your partner, you should contact a divorce attorney. This way both you and your partner can have your agreements or disagreements in writing, and can talk out where you would like to go from there.? A lawyer can help give you both insight on how to minimize stress on your children through the divorce, different types of custody agreements and child support laws pertaining to the state that you live in.

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