Child Support Now Requires Dental Insurance

Back-to-school and back to the dentist Three years ago, Texas Senate Bill 550 passed, and child support law now requires dental insurance to be covered in addition to health insurance premiums that have already been required. The law now takes effect September 1, 2018, its effective date being three years out due to changes thatContinue reading “Child Support Now Requires Dental Insurance”

High net worth divorces in Dallas

High net worth divorces When your liquid assets exceed one million dollars there are unique elements of a divorce that require a sophisticated divorce lawyer experienced in high net worth divorces. Mark L. Scroggins is Board-Certified in Texas family law and is experienced in complex and high conflict divorce and family law cases involving wealthyContinue reading “High net worth divorces in Dallas”

Preparing for a January Divorce: A Family Law Podcast

Welcome to the Scroggins Law Group podcast series. This program features Texas Board Certified* family law attorney Mark Scroggins who shares information about issues affecting Texas families in divorce and family law. Preparing for a January Divorce: Being certain about filing for divorce Thinking clearly and being sure you won?t have regrets Possibilities of marriageContinue reading “Preparing for a January Divorce: A Family Law Podcast”

Year-end divorce financial goals

For many year-end divorce financial tasks keep people busy the month of December. Managing money is a part of life whether we are single, married or in the process of divorce. Sometimes keeping busy and focusing on important tasks allows us a break from thinking about how much life can change. As money and financialContinue reading “Year-end divorce financial goals”